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Zero waste guide for cafés, bars & restaurants

Cafés, bars and restaurants want to manage their waste better. It’s not just a more responsible approach, it also helps to save money and improve reputation amongst customers. But where to start?

These practical tips can help everyone but are particularly designed to help cafés, bars and restaurants transition towards zero waste. This guide builds on the collective experience of the Zero Waste Alliance of Restaurants HK* and has been collated by MANA! and The Purpose Business.

This handy guide shares our best tips for your zero waste journey with tips for food, packaging and the environment.

Each section is helpfully divided into realistic and practical actions that you can take towards zero waste in the kitchen, at the table and in the community.

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Download the Zero Waste Guide

*The Zero Waste Alliance of Restaurants HK was formed in May 2016, bringing together a number of café and restaurant brands in Hong Kong’s Soho and Sheung Wan areas with solutions and project partners.

For more information on zero waste initiatives please contact MANA! or contact TPB.

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