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Watch now: ESG insights with HKSI Institute

The Purpose Business is delighted to feature in the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute‘s latest standards and insights video series. Featuring subject matter experts’ exclusive insights on hot topics and recent regulatory matters the videos give bite-size advice on current topics, and naturally, experts from TPB are happy to share their insights for HKSI’s ESG series.

Watch TPB Founder & Director Pat Dwyer  talk about risk, opportunities and innovation. Pat explains how sustainability has become part of business as normal, how ESG can help a company to recognise risks, and how it may also bring about new business opportunities.


Pat’s takeaway points on risk, opportunity and innovation

    • Sustainability had really become part of business as normal
    • Sustainability as a concept has moved on from a mindset of doing good to doing good business
    • Sustainability is about recognising and managing risk
    • Sustainable development is a 12 trillion USD opportunity – with new businesses constantly arising to address the growing need
    • Sustainability and innovation are two sides of the same coin
    • You can’t manage what you don’t measure – sustainability is grounded in data, and in the future, technology will make our actions more impactful



TPB understands sustainable business. Wherever you are on your journey to responsible growth, TPB can help you make your business better.  Contact us   for a chat and  sign up  to get TPB’s  latest insights on sustainable business in Asia.

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