What We Do

We provide what you need
to be a more sustainable business

Our Approach

We are dedicated to helping every client thrive through responsible growth. We believe that good business creates a positive impact for society, environment and your bottom line.

We listen

We clarify

We understand

We deliver

All our clients benefit from the TPB way. First we listen, then we clarify. Only when we fully understand your needs, expectations and culture, do we create the plan that will maximise the return of your time and financial investments in your company’s future.

Our Services

We help you drive your business with purpose to create positive impact to your value and bottom line.

Sustainability strategy

We’ll help you articulate your ambitions in sustainability and formulate realistic plans to get there. This clear vision and  strong foundation will provide you with goals, timelines and a governance structure that are both aligned with and meaningful for your business.  

We’ll deliver a strategy that addresses the sustainability issues that impact your business, and that will help you see and demonstrate your progress to being a better business in this changing world.

Ways TPB can help include:

  • Develop sustainability strategy and integrate with business including KPIs, milestones and governance structure
  • Create multi-year strategies for specific issues such as waste management, supply chain, single-use plastics, diversity & inclusion, social impact, etc
  • Competitor gap analysis and benchmarking for materiality assessment
  • Target setting and roadmapping

Stakeholder engagement

We’ll help you identify and prioritise the individuals and groups that  are most influential for your company’s growth as a responsible business. We’ll design, organise and facilitate open dialogues to bring key internal and external perspectives to your sustainability ambitions and progress.

It’s a true 360 degree process that builds strong relationships for results with real impact.


Ways TPB can help include:

  • Stakeholder mapping, prioritisation and engagement planning
  • Developing and administering surveys, interviews and focus groups
  • Analyse and collate findings to determine material issues or to inform strategy or reporting
  • Integrating ESG stakeholder engagement into existing business channels such as  customer satisfaction, procurement processes, investor presentations, etc

Training and education

From boardroom briefings to brown bag knowledge sharing and face-to-face workshops to online training solutions. We develop and deliver effective professional development and learning for your executives, staff and network.  

And our invite-only Breakfast with Purpose events bring industry leaders and subject experts together to start the day with the latest thinking on key sustainability issues. Sign up for updates from TPB further information.

Ways TPB can help include:

  • Undertake training needs analysis per target audience
  • Design and develop bespoke training module(s) and content that serves business
  • Deliver and facilitate practical and impactful sessions eg CPD, management briefings, etc
  • Deliver specific ESG issues training eg waste management, GHG accounting, KPI setting, etc

Internal and external communications

The quickest and easiest way to lose momentum on your sustainability progress is to be silent about it.  

We’ll help you find a voice for your work that resonates with your chosen audiences in communications channels that they listen to. We’ll finesse your sustainability messages to make sure that they are clear, credible and compelling.  We’ll drive your communications so that they gain recognition for your progress and drive your work forward.

Ways TPB can help include:

  • Develop communications strategy, plan and toolkit to organise, share and amplify your ESG activities and ambitions
  • Identify key audiences, communications channels and opportunities that help you build awareness, engage and inspire
  • Develop authentic, progressive key messages
  • Create compelling written, graphical and video content

Reporting and disclosure

You know your reporting needs to meet standards. We can help make sure it stands out as best in class.  

We’ll work with you to develop a sustainability reporting and disclosures system that compliments your financial reporting, and feeds your business strategy. Our materiality and standards experts will get to the detail and the crucial content, and our award-winning writers will bring it all to life while making  sure your company’s ambitions and values shine through.

Ways TPB can help you include:

  • Advise on optimal reporting frameworks and platforms that meet reporting objectives
  • Data collection, analysis and interpretation – including impact metrics – develop themes and write editorial to produce purposeful sustainability report
  • Maximising the value from the report – to inform strategy, engage teams and more
  • Capacity building to deliver on specific reporting frameworks eg DJSI, CDP, GRI, SGX, HKEX, investor disclosures, analyst surveys, etc

Specialist content and facilitation

We’re passionate about building and promoting purposeful business in Asia, and can bring the power of our network to your event.  

We’ll support you by designing and curating the content, arranging the best speakers, moderators and facilitators. Leaving you and your company with your objectives met, and  your guests with deeper understanding and wider horizons.


Ways that TPB can help include:

  • Content development, including defining goals, themes, topics, format of event
  • Curate qualified talent to speak, facilitate or moderate