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Clink, clink… recycle!

TPB's Fiona Donnelly reminds Hong Kong to recycle its glass bottles after enjoying the festivities. Whether it’s champagne, eggnog or mulled wine, the chances are [...]

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The Purpose Business Philippines Bill on Plastic Straws and Stirrers

A plastic straws and stirrers ban in the Philippines?

As the Philippines debates a nationwide ban on plastic straws and stirrers, TPB Sustainability Advisors Ny-Ann Nolasco and Carissa Pobre investigate its potential impact. Throughout [...]

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Event planning for waste reduction. The Purpose Business

Event planning for waste reduction

As we approach the main outdoor events season in Hong Kong, which is followed closely by the Christmas and Chinese New Year festivities, [...]

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‘Biodegradable, compostable, eco-plastic’ – but is it better? The Purpose Business

‘Biodegradable, compostable, eco-plastic’ – but is it better?

Dr Merrin Pearse explains what the terms on your plastic packaging mean and why it's important to understand them. Your company has done [...]

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Zerowaste Guide by The Purpose Business & MANA!

Zero waste guide for cafés, bars & restaurants

Cafés, bars and restaurants want to manage their waste better. It’s not just a more responsible approach, it also helps to save money [...]

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Hong Kong waves hello to glass recycling, The Purpose Business

Hong Kong waves hello to glass recycling

Fiona Donnelly, TPB's Business Development Lead waves hello to Hong Kong's much anticipated delivery of recycling bins for Hong Kong's glass. The patchwork [...]

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No time for waste: action plastic pollution, The Purpose Business

No time for waste: taking action on plastic pollution

There are growing concerns about single use plastic ending up in our waterways or oceans. These concerns are helping to highlight how disposable [...]

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Infographic Journey of a plastic water bottle in Hong Kong, The Purpose Business

Journey of a Hong Kong plastic water bottle

So what happens to Hong Kong's five million water bottles that are used every day? This infographic demonstrates the different journeys a single-use bottle can [...]

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Plastic recycling – it’s not simple so what should we do?

It is great to see the increasing focus now on the issue of plastic recycling since so much plastic is single use and [...]

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Race against waste at the Volvo Ocean Race

We all like a sporting challenge, and what better sporting challenge to be part of than the Volvo Ocean Race’s call to action [...]

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Celebrating a plastic-free New Year

by Vicky Lee The festive season is well and truly here, while all retail businesses are pushing the sales to meet the annual […]

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Weaving collaboration for sustainable business

by TPB’s Founder & Director, Pat Dwyer You know it is a purposeful breakfast event when everyone comes early, no food is wasted, […]

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Party without plastic cups, The Purpose Business

Partying without creating a pile of plastic cups?

Dr Merrin Pearse‘s guide to avoiding the perils of plastic during the party season.   As you enjoy the summer parties at the beach, […]

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Food Tossed = Profit Lost

Guest contributor Nissa Marion explains why food waste is a big deal, and how you can start to manage it better. Food waste. As far […]

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Nightmare on goodie bag street, The Purpose Business

The nightmare on goodie bag street

With Halloween upon us, Pat Dwyer & Fiona Donnelly’s thoughts turn to horror movies, fancy dress, carved pumpkins – and ‘trick or treat’ goodie bags. In […]

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G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality Conference

Catch TPB's Dr Merrin Pearse when he speaks at G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality conference in Hong Kong. Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, the G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality [...]

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Single-use plastic conundrum in Asia

TPB's Dr Merrin Pearse will be talking about single-use plastic at Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) in Singapore. ADEX is the largest, and longest-running, [...]

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Tackling waste at Hong Kong Sevens

One of the most anticipated events in Hong Kong's sporting calendar, the annual Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament, is set to tackle plastic [...]

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Recycling in Hong Kong

TPB's Dr Merrin Pearse will join the American Women's Association in January for a morning talk on Hong Kong's recycling. Confused about what you [...]

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Wading through plastics

TPB's Dr Merrin Pearse will be moderating an exciting conversation on single-use plastic, convened by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. [...]

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The future of waste

Ever wondered about the life cycle of a plastic bottle? When we dispose of our waste, where exactly is 'away'? TPB's Dr Merrin [...]

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Thinking sustainably: managing and reducing waste

In the midst of a global plastic crisis, it is now even more important than ever that we ensure sustainability is a top [...]

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Single use plastic at events, Volvo Ocean Race workshop

The Volvo Ocean Race is coming to Hong Kong for the first time. To support Volvo Ocean Race’s commitment to sustainability, the Race […]

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