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Sustainability counsel – TPB services that suit you

At The Purpose Business, we are sticklers for rigorously applying to every client engagement, our approach:  We listen > We clarify > We understand > We deliver. We want to serve our clients according to their particular needs, rather than pitching up and delivering an off-the-shelf version of our expertise.

And this approach, starting with listening – this time to market needs – has brought about another way our expertise can be accessed by clients…

As the sustainability market is maturing and in-house, often cross-functional teams are becoming more comfortable with certain elements of the sustainability function – whether developing strategy, data capture and analysis, stakeholder engagement, basic reporting – collectively they still often can have a few gaps to be able to deliver with confidence all that is expected as a team, and to the timeline expected. This could be due to capacity limitations, lack of industry insights, short on sustainability execution skills or just plain out of inspiration as to what to do differently this time around, to build on previous efforts and keep an enterprising progressing along its sustainability journey.

And sustainability is changing fast and that change is coming from lots of different sources – internationally, investors, employees, future employees, ratings agencies, as well as the more traditional compliance and supply chain stakeholders. There’s a lot to do to ensure activities are appropriate to the current and up and coming requirements from all these different viewpoints and pressures.

So instead of engaging TPB for a defined project, we can become your trusted advisors, a true extension to your internal team and a go to advisor on an ongoing basis.

We call this ‘sustainability counsel’.

Already we are working with a few large brands who are grateful for this boost of expertise and on-call expertise in different ways. Broadly the characteristics of how we support these clients is as follows:

  • We chat with clients and define in loose, high-level terms the likely topics and issues on which TPB’s assistance is likely to be required.
  • We then agree a number of days each month that the client can benefit from TPB input for these topics and issues. We determine the time frame eg the equivalent of two days counsel a month for 12 months, and agree general service terms eg TPB assistance will comprise a call on a Monday at 3pm.
  • A sustainability advisor will be assigned to each client and will help the client directly or will involve other talent from TPB as required.
  • TPB will submit monthly invoices and timesheets, so there is a full audit trail of the value add and investment.

“We are very aware that companies in Asia Pacific have a maturing understanding of sustainability,” says Fiona Donnelly, business development lead for TPB, “so we want to complement that increasing in-house capability and further build internal capacity and skills as clients require.

“We believe this bundling of TPB smarts – effectively insourcing an expert rather than outsourcing a project – is answering an increasing market need. We are pleased to offer our wealth of insights and sustainability knowhow on this ongoing top up basis.”


Want to see how TPB can help your business in its sustainability work? Contact Fiona to arrange an informal chat.

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