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A powerful impact: communicating ESG with investors

“I have seen an acceleration in the last 12 months that I haven’t seen before.  A normal conversation with an investor or prospective investor used to have zero content on ESG or CSR, and now it’s 15%-20%.”
Interviewee for the  UNGC – Accenture Strategy CEO Study on Sustainability 2019  

CEOs are under no doubt of the increasing value that existing and potential investors subscribe to a company’s approach to its environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

To people working within ESG and sustainability, the rise in interest comes as no surprise. But if you’re tasked with telling an ESG story to a company’s investors and are unfamiliar with complexities of ESG approaches, structures and language, there can be the temptation to under-tell, or oversell (aka ‘greenwashing’), neither of which are going to give your company or your investors (both potential and existing) the result that will help responsible growth.

Want a better understanding of ESG and how to communicate sustainability for real impact?   Here are TPB’s favourite writings on investor relations and communications that we hope will inspire and support your work. TPB has a wealth of experience and can provide briefings, training and consultancy – contact Fiona for a chat to find out more.

ESG is changing investor relations – here’s how
ESG issues are changing investor relations – so what the key changes are and what is the impact for investor relations teams in Hong Kong?
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Breakfast with Purpose, sustainability communications, The Purpose BusinessTelling your ESG story
Can sustainability be the hero of your corporate story? Decide for yourself after reading the highlights of our breakfast session serving up a healthy portion of communications insight and a double shot on the importance of storytelling.
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The worlds of ESG and investor relations are colliding
We look at the increasing overlap between sustainability and the financial worlds. [possibly too similar to other article]
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How communications supports sustainability
Aligning and integrating your communications will help your sustainability ambitions and activities make real progress.
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