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Communicating stories of sustainable progress for AES

AES Vietnam sought to improve communications on how they are enabling growth through sustainability performance.


A global Fortune 500 company, AES is an energy solutions provider with a focus on accelerating sustainable development. Operating one of the largest foreign direct investments in Vietnam’s energy sector, the AES Vietnam team sought to improve communications on how they are enabling growth through sustainability performance.

At the onset of commercial operations of its award-winning power project (Mong Duong II), the company adopted sustainability reporting in 2015 according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. The company also looked for ways to effectively engage stakeholders to harness their world-class technologies to further support development in Vietnam.


AES Vietnam sought partnership with TPB right at the start of their sustainability journey. We worked together in the preparation of the 2015 and 2016-2017 sustainability reports to communicate authentic stories that capture its operations and speak to key audiences.

Throughout the reporting cycles, TPB engaged a cross-functional committee, championed by the CEO and driven by the Plant Manager, to develop the report themes and understand GRI disclosure.

Diverse stakeholders of the Mong Duong II project were consulted, ranging from the local community to contractors to business partners, whose views were captured in AES Vietnam’s narrative.

TPB also supported the company’s ambitions to map contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), shared in the 2016-2017 report.


AES Vietnam has produced high-quality sustainability reports that communicate the story of a strong, competitive, and inspired local team—defined by values and committed to sustainability.

Born from repeat engagements between TPB and AES, with a consistent shared enthusiasm, the reports communicate material impacts, management approaches, and performance milestones that showcase the company’s world-class stature.

The company’s 2015 report was shortlisted for Best First Sustainability Report, and the 2016-2017 report shortlisted in the Best Stakeholder Reporting category at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards.

The reports also contribute to how AES is seen to support the sustainable development agenda among the National Government and the country’s private sector. AES has been recognised as among the Top 100 Most Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam in 2016 and 2017.

AES strives to communicate how our world-class performance in responsible energy generation contributes to accelerating sustainable development in Vietnam.

In crafting our sustainability reports, we place great emphasis on communicating authentic stories based on what truly matters to our stakeholders, and how our business responds to the urgent needs of our workforce, communities, suppliers, partners, and customer. This approach has enabled us to focus on AES’ unique story as a values-driven company.

Le Thi My Hanh, Stakeholder Manager

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