Rubbish thinking is good business sense

Hong Kong's waste management landscape is changing, and TPB's Business Development Lead, Fiona Donnelly, reveals how giving garbage more attention can bring new opportunities. [...]

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ESG is changing investor relations: here’s how

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are changing investor relations says TPB's Business Development Lead, Fiona Donnelly, as she reveals what the key changes [...]

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Tax transparency – a looming new certainty in life

What are the latest developments in tax reporting and what have they got to do with sustainability? Fiona Donnelly, TPB's Business Development Lead, explains. [...]

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Clink, clink… recycle!

TPB's Fiona Donnelly reminds Hong Kong to recycle its glass bottles after enjoying the festivities. Whether it’s champagne, eggnog or mulled wine, the chances are [...]

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The Purpose Business Knowledge is power Board training Hong Kong

Is your Board on board with training?

How many of Hong Kong's Board members are up to speed with the ESG training that they need? asks TPB's Business Development Lead, Fiona Donnelly. [...]

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Is Hong Kong fit for renewable energy? The Purpose Business

Is Hong Kong FiT for renewables?

Fiona Donnelly, TPB's business development lead, looks at what the new Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) mean for Hong Kong. The way Hong Kong produces [...]

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Hong Kong waves hello to glass recycling, The Purpose Business

Hong Kong waves hello to glass recycling

Fiona Donnelly, TPB's Business Development Lead waves hello to Hong Kong's much anticipated delivery of recycling bins for Hong Kong's glass. The patchwork [...]

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Impact investing – what does it mean for Hong Kong?

Fiona Donnelly and Siân Wynn-Jones give the low-down on what impact investing is and what it means for Hong Kong.   What is impacting […]

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Better glass bottle recovery in Hong Kong

Business Development Lead Fiona Donnelly updates us on the plans for better glass recycling in Hong Kong.   As expected, in early 2017 the Hong […]

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Nightmare on goodie bag street, The Purpose Business

The nightmare on goodie bag street

With Halloween upon us, Pat Dwyer & Fiona Donnelly’s thoughts turn to horror movies, fancy dress, carved pumpkins – and ‘trick or treat’ goodie bags. In […]

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