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Purpose + leadership = responsible growth

TPB's Founder & Director, Pat Dwyer, looks at how business needs both purpose and leadership if they are calculating on achieving responsible growth. As [...]

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Thoughts on hot air: lesson from a balloon drop

Mabi David and Carissa Pobre reflect on lessons from an abandoned balloon drop. The backlash was swift and strong. No sooner had the announcement for a [...]

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Purpose in Leadership

What does purpose in leadership look like? TPB’s Founder and Director Pat Dwyer was recently interviewed by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership for their […]

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Recruiting sustainability superheroes

TPB's Founder & Director, Pat Dwyer, advises on how to get the right sustainability skills for your company. -- About 360 days ago we [...]

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Thoughts on sustainability leadership, The Purpose Business

Thoughts on sustainability leadership

Dr Merrin Pearse is inspired by a discussion on sustainable business leadership hosted by GlobeScan’s co-CEO Chris Coulter. Over the last year there [...]

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Breakfast with purpose, investors and ESG, The Purpose Business

Business value, investors and ESG

"We’re all here because the time is now," said TPB Founder and Director Pat Dwyer opening Manila’s second Breakfast with Purpose event. As [...]

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Zerowaste Guide by The Purpose Business & MANA!

Zero waste guide for cafés, bars & restaurants

Cafés, bars and restaurants want to manage their waste better. It’s not just a more responsible approach, it also helps to save money [...]

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Why is business so resistant to climate resilience? The Purpose Business

Why is business so resistant to climate resilience?

TPB's Founder & Director, Pat Dwyer, reflects on why business is not talking about climate resilience, and why it needs to start - [...]

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CDP Philippines, The Purpose Business

CDP in the Philippines: Cities and corporates

TPB was proud to be a supporting partner at the inaugural CDP workshop in the Philippines on 7 May 2018. Measuring environmental impact [...]

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Journey to responsible growth, The Purpose Business

Journey to responsible growth

In January, we outlined the trends in sustainable business that we believe will impact Asian businesses in 2018. But what does this mean [...]

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Don’t be scared of GRI Standards

TPB Sustainability Advisors Carissa Pobre and Vicky Lee share how companies are getting ready for the new standards to measure their sustainability performance. [...]

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2018: a year of responsible growth

Our Founder & Director Pat Dwyer shares TPB's predictions for sustainable business in 2018. While the world has often felt increasingly troubled in 2017, [...]

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Future-ready businesses for 2018 and beyond

As we hit the ground running in 2018, many of us will have been thinking about, or have already made New Year resolutions. […]

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Celebrating a plastic-free New Year

by Vicky Lee The festive season is well and truly here, while all retail businesses are pushing the sales to meet the annual […]

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Weaving collaboration for sustainable business

by TPB’s Founder & Director, Pat Dwyer You know it is a purposeful breakfast event when everyone comes early, no food is wasted, […]

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Lessons from the Hong Kong launch of CDP results

TPB’s Founder and Director, Pat Dwyer, shares lessons from the Hong Kong launch of the CDP results. “View it with a risk lens, and […]

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Beyond the purpose poster

TPB’s Founder & Director Pat Dwyer on activating your company’s purpose. Purpose is a hot must-have for businesses right now. Every CEO is compelled to […]

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What drives creative spaces?

TPB founder Pat Dwyer is speaking at the launch of Kafnu… so what is it and what has it got to do with […]

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New era tourism, SDGS through work, rest and play, The Purpose Business

New era tourism: SDGs through work, rest and play

How was your holiday? Wherever you went, even if you worked a little bit, I do hope you that you had a good […]

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Breakfast with Purpose (and pastries) in Manila

What a great start to the day. Sharing ideas and ensaymada with some of the most forward-thinking business executives in Manila. This Breakfast […]

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Cybersecurity and sustainability, The Purpose Business

Cybersecurity and sustainability, don’t WannaCry?

How could sustainability, which relates to climate change responses as well as environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance, have anything to do […]

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Infographic Sustainable business matters - the Hong Kong case, The Purpose Business

Sustainable business matters: the Hong Kong case

2017 marked the start of mandatory ESG reporting for Hong Kong listed companies. This infographic by Siân Wynn-Jones and George Primentas shows why […]

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It’s time to talk about sustainability in Hong Kong

Siân Wynn-Jones explains why being humble is not about being silent, and why the time to about sustainability in Hong Kong is right […]

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Build it and they will come, GRI standards, The Purpose Business

Build it, and they will come

Founder & Director Pat Dwyer on the new GRI standards and how they can be better for business.   The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) […]

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People - the right sustainability software, The Purpose Business

Great sustainability “hardware” is nothing without the right “software”: PEOPLE

There is both incredible diversity and complexity of business and societal issues across Asia. While there are challenges of clean air and overpopulated […]

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Breakfast with purpose

Will Ng reflects on a successful start to the day. Imagine you are alone, in the forest. A bit like a dream in […]

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Better when vetted, The Purpose Business

Better when vetted

The encouraging growth of sustainability reporting has accelerated in Asia. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), by far the most widely used framework for […]

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Factor as forest, The Purpose Business

Factory as a Forest – What Hong Kong can learn from Interface

TPB’s Will Ng reports on a Hong Kong sustainability breakfast that inspired him. I went to a breakfast briefing hosted by Interface Hong Kong […]

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12 Months, 17 Years, 14 Goals to Go

TPB’s Pat Dwyer writes on trends in Hong Kong and Asia that support the UN’s Global Goals (SDGs).       Originally published in […]

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A prescription for a healthier business

Sustainability-related risks are forcing companies to rethink the way they operate, argues Pat Dwyer, Founder and Director, The Purpose Business. On a visit [...]

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Nightmare on goodie bag street, The Purpose Business

The nightmare on goodie bag street

With Halloween upon us, Pat Dwyer & Fiona Donnelly’s thoughts turn to horror movies, fancy dress, carved pumpkins – and ‘trick or treat’ goodie bags. In […]

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Material world, The Purpose Business

A material world

Erika Leung Rodriguez and Pat Dwyer explore connected issues of  sustainability, investors’ behaviours and materiality.                 […]

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Engage me, The Purpose Business

Don’t just tell me, talk to me. Better yet, engage me!

Pat Dwyer and Erika Leung Rodriguez introduce the links between sustainability, investors’  behaviour and materiality. What investors really, really want? Many (still) ask whether […]

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The how of purpose, The Purpose Business

Beyond why: the how of purpose

TPB Founder & Director Pat Dwyer believes the lack of understand of purpose is holding companies back. I cannot help but agree with a […]

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Tis the season to sparkle

May your holiday sparkle with love and laughter. Best wishes from everyone at The Purpose Business. Whether we are old friends or new, [...]

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ESG: what could possibly go wrong?

TPB Founder and Director, Pat Dwyer, will join other Hong Kong business leaders for a  seminar set to provide a critical analysis of [...]

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Sustainable Brands Kuala Lumpur 2018

Sustainable Brands Kuala Lumpur is set to showcase regional and global brands that are evolving to remain competitive in today's changing landscape. TPB's [...]

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Corporate sustainability: more than a fad?

TPB's Pat Dwyer joins the South China Morning Post's Redefining Hong Kong series for a powerful conversation on corporate sustainability. SCMP Hong Kong News [...]

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Workshop on ESG Reporting (Cantonese)

CED School of Business and The Purpose Business present a corporate sustainability training workshop on environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, led by [...]

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