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What drives creative spaces?

TPB founder Pat Dwyer is speaking at the launch of Kafnu… so what is it and what has it got to do with purposeful business?

“You won’t know if you don’t ask – this is the mantra I have lived my entire career by”, says Pat, “and  when I asked ‘why Kafnu?’, I was pleased to get such a refreshing answer. 

“Kafnu is named after a village in India where people go to start Himalayan hikes. Just as travellers go to Kafnu to begin their real journeys, Kafnu wants its spaces to be the place to support entrepreneurs, innovators and creators. 

“It’s a basecamp of sorts. The future of shared spaces: blending elements of co-working, hotel, restaurant, bar, gym, and private club.”

“I think if  The Purpose Business were a space, it’d be Kafnu.”

“TPB was founded on the idea of bringing experts in sustainable living to work the way they wanted to, so that we maximise their value when we influence organisations as they become businesses for good.

“I am very excited to be part of a conversation around the vision board for the future that includes responsible consumption, empowerment and opportunities to working with our natural environments. 

“Furthermore, with Kafnu’s generosity, I am able to do this while supporting Enrich, Hong Kong’s only charity dedicated to migrant workers’ financial literacy. The scholarship fund they are setting up to support over 300,000 Filipino helpers for example, demonstrate true commitment to real self- advancement, the very essence of Kafnu.”

“I’m intrigued as to what type of spaces energise people to be their best, so take please take @TPurposeB’s Twitter poll, or drop team TPB a line at info@thepurposebusiness.com.


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