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Single use plastic at events, Volvo Ocean Race workshop

The Volvo Ocean Race is coming to Hong Kong for the first time. To support Volvo Ocean Race’s commitment to sustainability, the Race Village will host a workshop on the issues around single use plastic at events, on 22 January 2018.

Discussions will focus on avoiding and replacing single use plastics, and identifying the challenges and opportunities in Hong Kong for collaboration and solutions development. 

The workshop is designed for people who are interested in sustainable events management including venues, festivals and events, sustainable solutions suppliers, government, tourism, recyclers, composters, caterers, bar operators, event professionals, and sustainability consultants and groups.

This event continues the practical conversations that took place at the plastic cups workshop hosted by The Hong Kong Jockey Club and The Purpose Business in June 2017.

HKJC and TPB are joined in facilitating the Volvo Ocean Race workshop by 11th Hour Racing – founding principal (sustainability) partner, Volvo Ocean Race – and Meegan Jones – Volvo Ocean Race’s sustainability programme manager and author of Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide.

This workshop is by invitation only and has limited availability remaining.  If you actively work within events or plastic reduction solutions and would like to enquire about receiving an invitation please email info@thepurposebusiness.com.


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